St. Nicholas Orthodox Church (OCA)
67 Saratoga Street
Cohoes, NY 12047
How to use the options to find people who are buried in St Nicholas Cemetery on Rt 9:

- Click on this button. You will be directed to Saint Nicholas Cemetery’s page
- To find a specific person enter the name and SEARCH, (for best results it is recommended to put in only the first few letters or even just one, of the Last name. This avoids any spelling issues etc.)
- For list of all names, Go down and choose VIEW MEMORIALS
You will see complete list in alphabetical order. Choose the person you want to view data for and there should be a picture of the headstone and PLOT number associated with the cemetery. There could be additional pictures or data on the record.


List of Burials:
To see list click on List of Burials above. It will take you to a listing of all people buried at St Nicholas Cemetery in alphabetical order. You should be able to find the person you are searching for, the day they died and/or were buried. You will also find here those people who were buried out of St Nicholas church or were church members and they were buried elsewhere.


Map of cemetery:
To see map click on Map of Cemetery above. A basic cemetery layout, showing the rows and numbers associated with plots in the cemetery. You can view online and do a screen print. This can also be downloaded into EXCEL and should print out in 3 pages if you set PRINT to landscape. In some cases, you may have to set margins once downloaded in EXCEL. It is best to do a PRINT PREVIEW before you print.
-Single plots are closer to RT 9 and the Cross.
-Family plots that allow up to 8 burials per plot are after the rows of Single plots.
The single plots are named for the specific person buried in the plot. If you go to the bottom of the map or last page, you will see a listing of names within each row. The names are listed as you go from left to right (1-36)
The family plots are named with the family who owns the plot and/or who is buried there. In these plots the last names can be 1 or more. Some have one headstone, others can have more. (A few 8 plots were split into 4/4 too). Using the map, and either your deed, the Burial list above, or the Plot number and headstone picture on FIND A GRAVE you should be able to find the person you are searching for. If in using any of these you do not find the person you are searching for or have any other questions/comments, please send an email to and they will get back to you as soon as possible.

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