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Welcome to our Parish

Welcome to St Nicholas Orthodox Church!  We hope you will enjoy your visit.  We are a parish of the Orthodox Church in America (OCA), serving Christ in the Cohoes and Greater Albany Capital Region.  Our liturgical services are primarily in English with small sections in Church Slavonic, Romanian, Greek or Arabic depending on the needs of the congregation at that time.

Even though our name implies we are Russian, we are truly an international community.  Our parish consists of 60 parishioners in "good-standing" with an outreach of approximately 130 who come to our church at some point in the church year. Our church is mainly composed of second and third generation people with origins from Lemkovyna (a region now part of Ukraine, Poland and Slovakia).

Recently, our church has become the spiritual home of a smattering of immigrants from Romania, Macedonia, Georgia, Moldova, Belarus, Russia and our own community here in America. Our mission is to expand our Christian family by embracing all people who want to share a life in Christ and to be the home for people of all backgrounds.

For information regarding church matters only please call Fr. Terenti at 518-369-2430. DO NOT CALL THIS NUMBER FOR FLEA MARKET QUESTIONS. For flea market inquiries please call 518-867-4102 or email us at:

Zoom Liturgies
Dear folks:
     We are resuming our Zoom Liturgies on Sundays beginning at 8:45am...we want to see you in church, but if not here is the way to watch from home:
Go to:
Click on: Join a meeting
Meeting ID: 840 5401 2788

Passcode: liturgy


Dear Parishioners, Family and Friends,

I hesitate to ask this, as it has not been my policy in the past to ask for money especially now as I realize times are difficult with everyone's own personal expenses.  But, I must remind you to not forget our church at this time so that our bills can be paid, keeping us from running into a significant deficit as the year progresses.

With the loss of our May and September flea markets, we run the possibility of our deficit increasing even more so.  With that being said, we have added the above Donate button where you can use a credit card or your checking account..  We hope this will make donating easier for you, now that we are having services at the Church, especially since many are hesitant because of COVID-19 to attend services, where you normally contribute.  But if you prefer, please mail your donations to the address below.  Hopefully by the power of our prayers, this pandemic will soon abate and we can all enjoy our church once again.  God Bless!

Terenti Wasielewski, Presbyter

St. Nicholas Church, 67 Saratoga Street, Cohoes, NY  12047, Attn:  Steve Melnick

Archbishop Michael visit and receptions July 11, 2021

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Monthly Bulletin/Calendar
July/August, 2021

The monthly bulletin is available by clicking "Monthly Bulletin" on the top menu and following the link. The monthly calendar which lists the services and meetings for the month is available by going to the "Schedule" link on the top. Certain parts of the bulletin are not provided on this website, for example candle listings. If you contact Fr. Terenti, he can provide those to you. 


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