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Liturgical music (top)
OCA webpage -- Music Downloads - Contains downloads of scores and mp3 files of 8 tones, Troparia/Kontakia for the year.
Orthodox two part music - This site has both pdf files of sheet music and audio mp3 files of the printed sheet music. A great site for a parish that wishes to learn congregrational singing.
Podoben -

Contains various arrangements of sheet music for the Divine Liturgy and festal seasons.

The Divine Music Project -

This website contains over 6000 pieces of music in English and Greek in printed music as well as mp3 files.


Lives of the saints and feasts (top)
OCA webpage -- Saints and feasts - Search by a name of a saint or feast or choose a specific date. Many troparia and kontakia are listed as well as icongraphic depictions of the saint or feast.

Online full-text publications (top)
Jacob's Well - Journal of the NY/NJ/DC Diocese. Publication has an irregular frequency.

Orthodox Radio (top)
Ancient faith Radio - Various forms of audio and music from sermons to prayer to interviews to liturgical chants.
Orthodoxiya Radio - Continuous Byzantine music predominately in the Arabic language

Rubrics (top)
OCA webpage -- Outline of services -

Texts for liturgical services.


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